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Machine Embroidered Flowers, Woodlands and Landscape - Softcover
Sku #: SP345-7
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Drawing from the combined expertise of the author's previous works, this reference showcases a collection of exquisite machine embroideries. Guidance on how to create beautiful pictures of gardens, flowers, landscapes, and woodlands using various combinations of just two simple machine stitches is featured, and key techniques are broken down into clear, accessible instructions with helpful photographs and a wide range of inspirational pieces. From the required materials and how to compose a picture from personal photographs to achieving perspective, painting backgrounds, and all the basic stitch techniques, this guide also includes detailed instructions for how to create realistic flowers, trees, foliage, and much more. Eight stunning, step-by-step projects help put newly acquired skills into practice, making this a must-have for both beginners and experts in free-motion embroidery.

Price: CAD 38.94 (USD29.56) per book   

Machine Embroidery with Confidence - Softcover
Sku #: CFEM
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Nancy Zieman, the nation's most recognized and revered sewing expert, teaches aspiring and experienced embroiders everything they need to know to master this craft. An easy-to-understand tutorial explains the basics of machine embroidery, and detailed photos and illustrations depict every step of using these machines for top-notch results.Readers will learn about what tools are needed, how to organize the embroidery area, types of machines, designs, templating/positioning, software, stabilizers, hooping fabrics, trouble shooting and finishing touches. The book also shows readers how to apply those skills as they use machine embroidery to embellish everything from hats and shirts to blankets and towels.**Easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners in machine embroidery**Features a glossary of common terms**Provides inspiration or moving beyond the basics into more advanced projectsPreviously Item 857-7

Price: CAD 28.59 (USD21.70) per book   

Machine Needle Felting: Timeless Collection - Softcover
Sku #: WN56558
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Machine Needle Felting with wool fabrics/felt create stunning live like scenery and pictures. These new techniques allow for hues in color and textures. Full size drawings will show where to place the pieces. Learn how easy it is to transfer patterns, machine felt the pieces and add shading to enhance to the overall look of the project. Shading- and Embroidery Guides increase the dimension of the overall look of the project. Keep the form of art simple or make it as complex as you like. It is limitless once you tried it. The book is sprinkled with "Notes" and pictures to make it easy. A great book for beginners and advanced for all level of artists.

Price: CAD 32.49 (USD24.66) per book   

Machine Quilting - Softcover
Sku #: U4728
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Learn machine quilting techniques while trying your skills on great projects! **Five home decor projects to practice your skills. **Over fifteen stitch patterns to try with your machine. **Essential information on straight-line and free-motion machine quilting.

Price: CAD 16.89 (USD12.82) per book   

Machine Quilting A Primer of Techniques - Softcover
Sku #: AQS6299
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Getting ready for your first machine quilt project could not be easier. This must-have book will provide everything you need to know to start your journey. This reliable resource covers all aspects of beginning machine quilting. The author walks the reader through how to begin the process, no matter what kind of sewing machine you may own. In this book, you will find full definitions of all the supplies, complete explanations of techniques, help with quilting decisions, information on marking quilt tops and basting, tips on handling the bulk of quilts, and finishing options. There are 3 projects along with full sized quilting patterns allowing you the explore cables, feathers, and no-mark designs in style.

Price: CAD 32.44 (USD24.62) per book   

Machine Quilting Design Builder Book and CD
Sku #: RGA509
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The Design Builder Book and CD introduce the art of matching quilt patterns to specific motifs for artistic and eye-pleasing quilt designs. Illustrating twelve different quilt patterns for each of the six blocks on the Design Builder fabric, the Book and CD introduce hundreds of design possibilities. As always, the book is packed with insider tips and tricks, this time introducing long arm skills and the use of pattern transfer tools for creating lifetime treasures of your own design.

Price: CAD 24.70 (USD18.75) per book   

Machine Quilting in Sections
Sku #: MM8025
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Save money, save time, and quilt bed size quilts on your machine at home. You can machine quilt in sections the low-carb way on your own sewing machine to reduce bulk. Six ways to assemble quilted sections, three ways to add borders to quilted centers, and includes four patterns featuring low-carb quilting techniques.

Price: CAD 26.00 (USD19.73) per book   

Machine Quilting Made Easy!
Sku #: B200T
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At last! Machine Quilting Made Easy makes learning to machine quilt easy and fun. Get familiar with the basics as you do the exercises; then use the samples you make as handy references. * Learn to machine quilt with sixteen lessons in straight-line quilting with a walking foot, freehand quilting with a darning foot, quilting with decorative threads, and more * Includes five comprehensive charts for selecting needles, thread, and batting * Find guidelines for planning quilts and basic techniques for finishing quilts 64 pages

Price: CAD 16.84 (USD12.78) per book   

Machine Quilting Primer
Sku #: 1036QD
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With the Machine Quilting Primer, even beginning quilters can learn the skills to add and extra finish to their favorite Quilt in a Day patterns! Cynthia Martin, one of our expert teachers, spells out the basics of successful machine quilting. Each section of the book begins with detailed explanations of commonly used tools and methods, followed by samples to practice the techniques. The final section demonstrates how to prepare a finished top for quilting. Al techniques are illustrated with the step by step instructions you've come to expect from Quilt in a Day.

Price: CAD 32.44 (USD24.62) per book   

Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson - Softcover
Sku #: 10486
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This practical, informative, and always inspiring volume presents seven exercises and seven projects to teach readers all the basic techniques, from straight-line quilting to stippling, and more complex motifs. "Machine Quilting" also includes expert information from one of the world's best-loved quilters on everything from setting up a workspace and adjusting your machine to suit you, to choosing the right supplies and perfecting your stitching.

Price: CAD 23.34 (USD17.72) per book   
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