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Kaffe Fasset Dreaming In Color - Hardcover
Sku #: STC996-2
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Kaffe Fassett has led an extraordinary life and is a captivating storyteller with a vivid memory. Born in 1937, he spent much of his youth in Big Sur, California, where his parents bought a cabin from Orson Welles and transformed it into the world-famous Nepenthe restaurant, a gathering place for artists and bohemians. After attending a boarding school run by the disciples of Krishnamurti, an Indian guru, he studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, then traveled to England, where he made his home. After an inspiring trip to Inverness, Scotland, Fassett began designing knitwear for Bill Gibb, and then the Missonis, Vogue magazine, and private clients like Lauren Bacall and Barbra Streisand, and, in the process, revolutionized the handknitting world with his explosive use of color. Further explorations led him to needlepoint, mosaics, rugmaking, tapestries, yarn and fabric design, costume and set design, and quilting. Now in his seventies, Fassett continues to produce new work and to travel worldwide to teach and lecture. In this intimate autobiography, Fassett shares rich, detailed stories about his lifelong creative journey as well as hundreds of glorious photos taken along the way.

Price: CAD 52.00 (USD39.47) per book   

Kaffe Fassett Quilts: Shots and Strips - Hardcover
Sku #: STC016-7
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In Kaffe Fassett Quilts Shots and Stripes, quilt master Kaffe Fassett and coauthor Liza Prior Lucy present 24 projects—small and large, beginner and advanced—made with iridescent solid-colored cotton fabrics (called shot cottons) and woven striped cotton fabrics, all photographed in and around his weekend home on England's southern coast. Inspired by worldwide travels and a plethora of ethnic textiles, including Amish quilts in America, Japanese indigo patched work clothes, and African weavings, the projects featured include full-size bed quilts as well as smaller pieces that can be completed more quickly, such as throws, wall hangings, table runners, and pillows. With Shots and Stripes, Fassett answers the current call for quilts that make bold graphic statements but are not necessarily as time-consuming as some of the work for which he has been previously celebrated.

Price: CAD 45.50 (USD34.53) per book   

Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts
Sku #: STC837-8
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In Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts, world-renowned quilter Kaffe Fassett demonstrates how basic geometric forms—squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, circles, and quarter-circles—found in natural and manmade environments inspire his quilt designs. Twenty-three of his magnificent, inventive quilts—ranging from the relatively simple Tilt, ideal for beginners, to the more complex Circle of Stars, for more advanced stitchers—are showcased in the book, along with step-by-step instructions for making each one. Along the way, Fassett also offers over a hundred photos of geometric inspiration from around the world—everything from triangular watermelon slices, to rectangular sheets of metal on African scrap dwellings, to lollipop-shaped topiary trees in Japan. In the accompanying text, Fassett reveals how he experiences the colors and basic shapes around him, how we can train our own eyes to see this rewarding source of creativity, and how we can, just as he does, combine striking fabrics with simple shapes to create our own spectacular quilt designs.

Price: CAD 45.50 (USD34.53) per book   

Kaffe Quilts Again: 20 Favorite Quilts In New Color ways - Softcover
Sku #: 857663
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Quilting is a billion dollar industry, with more and more households having at least one quilter in the family. With such an enthusiastic (and growing) audience, it's no wonder that internationally known textile designer and author Kaffe Fassett is announcing the 14th book in his best-selling quilting series. In Kaffe Quilts Again readers are treated to 20 all-new versions of Kaffe's favorite patterns—each using the latest range of unique and beautiful Rowan fabrics. Photographed in Bulgaria, against a backdrop of splendid painted houses and wedding-cake churches, each quilt and pattern in the book is an inspiration of vivid color and charm. This flawless how-to guide features an array of new fabrics and expanded colors, and provides complete instruction for creating museum-quality quilts that will become family treasures.

Price: CAD 32.44 (USD24.62) per book   

Kaleidoscope ABC's
Sku #: MM8049
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Kaleidoscope ABCs includes basic information on using the Kaleido-Rulers and 14+ step-by-step patterns for new quilts, including Ramblin' Rose with Guacamole and Extra Salsa on the Side. Some old favorites have been updated. Plus charts, over a dozen quilts in an idea gallery, and a design grid to photocopy. Plus an appendix full of great bonus information: a diamond border you can add to any quilt, previewing with mirrors, what size is a quilt?, planning a Kaleidoscope quilt, using a design wall, sewing 1/4" seam allowances, adding a flap border and making mitered borders. A perfect addition to your quilt library.

Price: CAD 26.00 (USD19.73) per book   

Kaleidoscope Symphony
Sku #: QM501
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Includes table runners, throws, and twin/queen sizes in a variety of settings. 9 different blocks including easy 4-patch kaleidoscope centers are used in a variety of settings and color versions of the quilts in a variety of different fabric styles are shown. Block of the Month or Anytime Quilts.

Price: CAD 23.40 (USD17.76) per book   

Kaleidoscope Wonders Color Art For Everyone - Softcover
Sku #: LA6707
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Kaleidoscope Wonders Color Art for Everyone Creative entertainment is yours to enjoy when you color projects found in Kaleidoscope Wonders Color Art for Everyone; a coloring book that features 24 design pages of intricate line drawings of diverse patterns inspired by flowers, orbs, stars, mosaics, and more. You will get hours of enjoyment and stress relief as you enhance the designs with colored pencils, markers, and other art media. Considered beneficial to all ages, coloring has been proven to generate wellness and quietness, as well as to stimulate the brain areas related to the senses and creativity. Leisure Arts presents this item as one of several adult coloring books. These artistic drawings offer complexity to engage the adult brain, but also simplicity, in that there are no rules or even guidelines. Each 8.5 inch x 10.875 inch sheet of premium paper is printed on one side only and perforated for easy removal.

Price: CAD 7.79 (USD5.91) per book   

Kaleidostars - Softcover
Sku #: AQS10283
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96 pp. In Toby's opinion, making a quilt should be fun not hard. Her striking yet simple technique to create a one of-a-kind Kaleidostar with a Kaleidoscope block and diamond shapes is proof of that belief. Each quilt is a blend of symmetrical and high-contrast fabrics, making each of these pieces stand out in a crowd. An extensive fabric selection guide takes all the guess work out ofpairing a solid and patterned fabric. Toby's time-saving technique of piecing the block into sections make herdesigns easier to handle. Publish Date: 2/1/2016

Price: CAD 32.44 (USD24.62) per book   

Kansas City Stars: Best of 2013 - Softcover
Sku #: KCS106-1
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The Kansas City Star started a new tradition in 2007 with their online pattern subscription called My Star Collection. This book includes 25 of their favorite patterns published in the My Star Collection in 2013. These are redrafted, updated patterns, which had originally been published in the newspaper between 1928 and 1961. You will find many of your favorites, such as Jacob's Ladder, King's Crown and Cherry Basket. You may also discover some new patterns to love, such as Buckeye Beauty, Jinx Star and Gretchen.

Price: CAD 36.34 (USD27.58) per book   

Kanzashi In Bloom - Softcover
Sku #: 8481-4
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Kanzashi tsumami is the Japanese art of folding delicate squares of silk into three-dimensional flower petals. In the United States, the online craft culture has sprouted a renewed interest in making Kanzashi with American crafters devising simplified ways to create these gorgeous fabric flowers and incorporating more user-friendly materials like cotton and synthetic fabrics along with the traditional silks.Kanzashi in Bloom takes the American interpretation of Kanzashi a step further, presenting modern, more easily executed flower designs as elements in a variety of fun, fashionable, hip craft projects. Kanzashi in Bloom offers advice on materials, three petal-folding styles, and techniques for assembling a Kanzashi flower. You'll also find instructions for 20 projects to wear and give as gifts, including:• Tiny blossom earrings• Flowers-in-your-hair clips• The happiest belt buckle ever• Elegant floral gift topper

Price: CAD 28.54 (USD21.66) per book   
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