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Notions - Scissors

Clauss Duckbill 6in Scissor
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Sku #: 12500
These scissors are great for trimming close to any edge or stitching.

Price: CAD 18.44 (USD14.91) each   

Clauss Fine Cut 3in Scissor
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Sku #: 18420
These scissors have a micro-tip for making precision cuts, and oversized bows for extra comfort. They are made of titanium bonded steel, which makes them 3 times harder than stainless steel; they are also corrosion resistant.

Price: CAD 7.49 (USD6.06) each   

Clauss Rag Quilt Scissor
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Sku #: 18003
Ideal for cutting frayed edges, these rag quilt snips have cushioned, spring-action handles and a safety blade lock.

Price: CAD 58.04 (USD46.94) each   

Clauss Sewing Shear 8in Scissor
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Sku #: 10721-100
These scissors are great for sewing & quilting. The knife edge makes for easier cutting, while the offset handles hug the work surface. Hot-forged, carbon steel that is thru-hardened & double plated mean great strength & durability.

Price: CAD 23.19 (USD18.76) each   

Clip Thread 5in Titanium Coated
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Sku #: 501M
This Titan-Edge thread clip has titanium coated blades for strength and durability, plus rubber grips for comfort. They will glide through layers of material with ease.

Price: CAD 11.25 (USD9.10) each   

Copper Square Handle Heirloom Embroidery Scissors
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Sku #: 48559
High quality, stainless steel blades. Elegant European handcrafted design. Extra sharp points allow for delicate cutting and trimming. Perfect for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, sewing, quilting and all types of stitchery projects.

Price: CAD 24.99 (USD20.21) each   

Craft & Hobby Scissor 5 1/2in
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Sku #: 200A
Lightweight stainless steel blades with comfort handles.

Price: CAD 3.13 (USD2.53) each   

Curve Craft Scissor 4in
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Sku #: 9808F
This compact size scissor has curved precision ground blades and largefinger loops.

Price: CAD 18.36 (USD14.85) each   

Curved Applique Scissors 5-1/2in
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Sku #: C33021
This 5 1/2" curved scissors features a vertical curve and rounded blade on the bottom to keep fabric safe, while the longer handles makes cutting around corners simple. This is a must have for those that do iron-on applique!

Price: CAD 19.69 (USD15.93) each   

Curved Blade Delicate Cut Scissor 2-1/2in
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Sku #: TT00111
This gold handled scissor has precision style for intricate cutting, with a curved blade to better reach any area of your project.

Price: CAD 6.88 (USD5.56) each   
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