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Sku #:CAH580
A Gardener's Alphabet Quilt Assembly Price: CAD 9.11 (USD7.37) each
The 22 blocks in this beautiful 64" x 73" botanical quilt are broken into 12 patterns. The richly embroidered blocks are crayon tinted for added dimension and realism. The monarch butterfly could practically flutter off the quilt, and I swear I can smell the wild roses! #580 Assembly pattern will give you fabric amounts, a complete list of embroidery floss required for the entire quilt, trimming directions for all the embroideries, piecing and finishing instructions. I've also included 2 pages that can be folded into a 12 page stitching guidebook with instructions on how to assemble it. The individual block patterns #580 through #591 will give you floss and fabric requirements for those blocks only, tracing, crayon tinting, and stitching instructions. The pattern covers have large, clear images to use as a tinting guide.